Geology students listen to a lecture during their field course in southern 鶹Ƶ

Learning Experience

We set our sights high. That’s how we made our way to the top.

Welcome to a place where every day is leg day. Where success is shaped by grit and determination. And while we’re proud of our facts and figures, we’re even prouder of the hard work that built them.

Student at an on-campus job fair

Seize Your Opportunity

Program for program. Professor for professor. We live to sharpen your intellect, impart real-world knowledge, and challenge you to blaze your own path, no matter how steep.

This commitment is what we call Professional U, designed to give you experience every step of the way. Whether it’s workshops, Husky Career Road Trips, internships, studying abroad, inspiring presenters, or research opportunities ... it's all here.

Professional U

At Bloomsburg University, opportunity belongs to those driven to create it. It’s why we equip every Husky with practical, meaningful experiences, and alumni and employer connections whether on campus or in the field so they’ll be prepared to impact their community and the workplace.


Professional Experience and Preparation

Identify skills and explore your interests and career options:

  • Career interest inventory
  • Freshman seminar
  • Professional branding
  • Information interviews
  • Career MAP (managed action plan)
  • Major expiration
  • Professional development workshops

Gain insight through experience on possible career paths:

  • Informational interviews
  • Confirm major
  • Husky Career Road Trips
  • Job shadowing
  • Civic engagement
  • Professional mentor
  • Summer employment
  • Mock interviews
  • Professional development workshops

Refine career goals, gain real-world experience and build a personal brand:

  • Academic internship
  • Study abroad
  • Civic engagement
  • URSCA (undergraduate research, scholarly, creative activity)
  • Alumni networking
  • Professional conferences
  • Professional development workshops

Find the right position, narrow down graduate school options and network:

  • Job search
  • Graduate school applications
  • Post-baccalaureate experiences
  • Mock interviews
  • Portfolio
  • Professional organizations
  • Professional transition workshops
  • Husky Career Road Trip
  • Alumni networking

Learning Communities

We offer many Learning Communities around your major or other common area of interests. You'll participate in a variety of programs and field trips, take a cluster of general education courses, and work with a peer mentor all under the direction of an advisor.

  • American Sign Language
  • Honors
  • Creative Arts
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Science & Technology
  • Frederick Douglass Social Justice
  • Zeigler College of Business
  • Health & Medical Sciences

Take a closer look!

Undergraduate Research

Engage in a focused research, scholarly, or creative experience — and get paid to do it. We’ll also cover up to $1,000 for supplies.

Bloomsburg University’s Undergraduate Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity (URSCA) program provides an opportunity for students to engage in a focused research, scholarly, or creative experience appropriate to your area of study to enhance your competitiveness for jobs and graduate school.

Application Categories

  • Research and Scholarship (RS) applications generally fit projects in all (behavioral, life, physical, social) sciences, technology, engineering, math, and the humanities, where field, laboratory, or library or records research is conducted.
  • Creative Activities (CA) applications are suited for projects that produce creative writing, art works, or performances.
illustration of Carver Hall
Student takes selfie at The Great Wall of China

A world of possibilities

It could be a month-long adventure with fellow Huskies from different majors, a themed faculty-led trip with a deeper look into your career focus, or a full semester immersed in a different culture. Take your personal brand global!

Pre-med major interns in Kenya thanks to PEG award

Practice what you learn

Offset the cost of academic career experiences — such as faculty-mentored research, internships, study abroad, creative performances, and professional conference attendance — so that you can apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations.

Bloomsburg University Graduate

Write your story

Huskies L.E.A.D. explores students’ personal values and provides guidance on how to lead others and effect social change.

The Husky Difference

Student presents his project at a summer research symposium
Average award in Professional Experience Grants each academic year
$1.7 million
Estimated value of community service annually provided by students
On average, students collectively volunteer roughly 73,000 hours each year.
Number of students since 2011 who have participated in the annual ZIPD Business Conference
Last year's conference featured more than 106 business professionals.
Military student on location during her summer air force reserves training
Students each year, regardless of class year or major, have at least one career or professional experience.
Alumnus works the CFB Playoff Championship Game in New Orleans

“My friends and everyone I met in the major were amazing. The comradery between us made working together so much easier and also lots of fun. Through my time with BUnow is when I think I learned my most valuable lesson. If you put in the work, stay hungry and get involved, you’ll earn your place in whatever it is you’re pursuing.”

Matt Mastrogiovanni ’17
Media and Journalism
Anthropology major studies abroad in Rwanda

“With my desired focus in nursing and anthropology as maternal and infant care, I was very interested to see how a different country monitored their childbirth practices in regard to infection prevention and control, as well as learn about the nutrition programs that were available for mothers and children.”

Ashley Moreno ‘21
Anthropology, Nursing
Forensics student shows off her speech and debate awards

“I have two majors, and speech and debate ties into both. Learning how to properly debate has helped me make better contributions to class discussions in political science courses, and overall made me more aware of the world around me.”

Katie Rose ‘21
Political Science, Media and Journalism
Finance major explores his option at an on-campus career expo

“As a freshman entering the expo, I was not expecting more than kind greetings and potentially a note or two about how to better prepare myself through college. Instead, I found myself networking with a number of companies and learning about internships that could be completed this coming summer.”

Mitchell Ellero ‘23
Anthropology major studies abroad in Rwanda
Forensics student shows off her speech and debate awards
Finance major explores his option at an on-campus career expo
Alumnus works the CFB Playoff Championship Game in New Orleans