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University Governance

Bloomsburg University's overseeing governance, policies and guidelines.

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BU's governance structure and bylaws is founded on the principle that academic concerns, guided by a curriculum developed by the faculty, are the basis of our institution and that the student is the focus of the resulting educational program.

This governance model acknowledges our strengths and traditions and our collective bargaining agreements. We recognize the propriety interests, rights and responsibilities of the various university constituencies. Foremost, we are sensitive to the value of open communication in our university community.

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Committees & Governance

The Committees & Councils of the university are responsible for governance, strategy and direction of the university's operations.

Curriculum Committee (BUCC)

BU's Curriculum Committee serves as the faculty recommending body to the provost and vice president for academic affairs on all matters affecting the development, modification, change, adoption, and implementation of the curriculum.

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The Forum

An essential dimension of the governance structure is The University Forum, which allows an opportunity for deliberation and information gathering; provide an essential democratic component; assure a mechanism for review of present and proposed university policies, procedure and issues. A representative University Forum Secretariat will insure the efficient coordination of The University Forum business.

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Planning and Budget

Deans Council

General Administration Committee

The General Administration Committee is composed of twelve voting members and the Vice President for Administration and Finance, who serves as an ex-officio non-voting member.

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Policies & Guidelines

The University Policies page lists important university wide policies, guidelines and handbooks.

Policies, Procedures, Guidelines Page